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We have several meeting locations in So. Cal

Other People's Money

Funding is the easiest part of a deal for us. We work together, split the profits.

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No Schedule. No Commitment. Learn as fast as you please.

Who We Are

A community of real, like-minded, people; committed to succeed together. We are active in TODAYS market, doing real estate every day, working TOGETHER to close more real estate deals AND we answer our own phones.

With a 10,000 SqFt office in Riverside, 17 offices occupied by 20+ full time real estate investors. We are doing deals in all 5 counties of Southern California (Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino) and looking to expand.


Real Deals, Real Office, Real People

Who We Are Not

A seminar company, selling information from hotel room to hotel room. We will not give you a 1-800 number to call a “mentor” in another state 24 hours a day. 

People that once did real estate “back in the day”. 

Selling webinars, dvd’s or seminars online, or selling you information to the next “guru”, or seminar company; so they can sell you another “shiny object”.


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